The Behaviour Academy

Cost £250 (Save 30% with code: FB30)

***Feel empowered by upskilling yourself**

There is no one more motivated than a parent to teach their own child so let me train you how to become your child’s best teacher.

***What’s it all about??***

This is an online self-study course that will teach you all of the necessary tools to reduce your child’s concerning behaviours AND teach them new skills.

You will learn hands-on strategies that work and that you can start using immediately! By the end of the course you’ll have a comprehensive and tailored behaviour support plan for your child that you can implement with confidence.

Each session introduces effective behaviour change strategies and includes:

  • easy-to-use activity sheets,
  • checklists,
    take-home activity sheets to help you apply what they have learned each week.

Accompanying each core session are video vignettes that demonstrate concepts taught in the session. The videos demonstrate common parenting mistakes as well as implementation (to varying degrees of success) of the strategies being taught.

You can help your child overcome behaviour problems, promoting happier kids and family life.

****Who is it for??****

This course can be applied to children from preschool through school age.

The content is equally applicable to professionals as well as parents who work closely with children that have challenging behaviours.

**Summary of the course content…

11 sessions including:

  • Behavioural principles
  • Prevention strategies
  • Daily schedules
  • Reinforcement 1
  • Reinforement 2
  • Planned ignoring
  • Earning instructional control
  • Functional communication training
  • Teaching skills 1
  • Teaching skills 2
  • Generalisation and maintenance

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“This course (including the downloadable activity sheets) is primarily based on the content of the parenting training manual designed by The RUBI Autism Network (Bearss et al., 2015). The RUBI Autism Network has developed and tested their manual specifically for children with autism and disruptive behaviours, proving it’s efficacy as an effective parent training tool when delivered by trained professionals.”

About Gemma

Gemma has supported autistic children and their parents for over 15 years. She has a honours degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Bangor University. Gemma has a special knack for translating the science of ABA into easy to understand terms so that parents can truly feel confident with learning and implementing new skills that will help their child flourish.