Social Skills Clubs

We run weekly 1 hour sessions for small groups of children to teach social skills.

For younger kids:

We tend to focus on early social targets such as joint attention, social referencing and imitation. These groups are best suited for learners age 3-5 with autism and related disabilities who have emerging language and benefit from additional supports to interact more positively and reciprocally with peers, expand their play skills repertoire, make their wants and needs known and follow group directions. All skills are taught via multiple opportunities for practice embedded into fun play based activities.

For older kids:

Groups are formed based on age, (5-9) but also areas of strength and need as well as interests. Commonly targeted social skill areas are: increasing cooperative play, social problem solving and conflict resolution, perspective taking and conversation skills. The primary intervention package involves instruction, modelling and rehearsal of skills with multiple opportunities for practice within the context of naturalistic activities.

Sessions are held at Beetroot Sauvage (in South Edinburgh) on Friday afternoons. Times of sessions vary so please contact us for more information.

To find out more please contact us.