Online Parent/Professional Training Course:

‘The Behaviour Academy; proven strategies to reduce challenging behaviour and fulfill your child’s potential’

Starting March 2020!

An online comprehensive 12 week course (run twice a year) that will equip you with effective behavioural techniques for reducing disruptive behaviour in children and teach daily living skills.

Sessions will teach parents/professionals the basic principles of behaviour analysis and specific hands-on skills required to reduce disruptive behaviours that may serve as a barrier to their child’s learning and/or lifestyle.  Members will also learn the necessary tools to teach their child alternative nore appropriate behaviours.

This is a very interactive course that includes video vignettes, activity sheets and weekly homework to ensure that you are putting into practise everything that you are learning.

Members will get life-time access to all course material and resources including access to a private facebook group where Gemma Gilmour (course presenter) will host weekly live Q & A calls.

Please contact us for further information

The time i spent with gemma doing the rubi course was invaluable. She helped me to set goals and to monitor them. The goals were around finding ways to help my children with challenging behaviours and also to teach skills so that the behaviours were not necessary. It gave me a new frame work in which to understand behaviours which has helped me to look beneath the surface of behaviours rather than feel like im constantly and thoughtlessly reacting.

I feel that Gemma took her time with each group member to make sure she took each of us a long with her. The material is something ive kept referring to. Her understanding of asd is so positive and refreshing.

Would highly recommend it!


This course has been such a profound experience for me. My son who is 11 who has ADHD and Dyspraxia (confirmed diagnosis) currently going through ADOS again as demonstrates daily HFA/PDA tendencies and now attends an additional support needs provision. As a mum of 3 working full time Gemma has been truly amazing, the live sessions were very informative all participants could discuss together and if we had any questions or queries Gemma was spot on in her response. ABA should be compulsory within our education system. The current system is educating all children as if they all have the same mindset but everyone is different and unfortunately for those with additional support/complex needs there needs to be better understanding and ABA ticks all the boxes.

Gemma was very professional and productive the course material provided was easily accessible and informative. The strategies which I learned courtesy of ABA I have incorporated into my daily routine have had such a positive impact at home.

I would highly recommend this course to parents, teachers and/or anyone who has relations with children and Gemma is the ideal tutor, her experience and work ethic is absolutely paramount and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it.

Thank you so much Gemma you’re a star 🌟


Gemma’s course was brilliant. Possibly the most important aspect for me was how it helped me see from the viewpoint of parents of ASD children. It also enhanced my practice in the education setting by both introducing new concepts and strategies, but it also built my confidence in the practice that I was already doing. It was a very collaborative group and I really enjoyed the collaborative experience with the other participants that was instigated by Gemma’s inclusive approach. I can’t recommend the course highly


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