Our services

Initial No Obligation Discussion – we are happy to have a chat with you on the phone to discuss your child and any issues/concerns you may have. We can provide further information about ABA, how Keys for Learning may be able to help and which of our service options might suit you best.

ABA/VB programme

For those families who want to work on lots of skill areas simultaneously and invest in daily therapy.
Initial Assessment: A Keys For Learning supervisor will assess your child and design an individualised ABA/VB programme that will target any skill deficits or problem behaviours.
Initial Training workshops: We offer a theory workshop which will provide you with basic theoretical knowledge of ABA and a hands-on workshop which we will train you how to implement your child’s programme.
Follow up workshops: It is vital that we can review your child’s progress to ensure that as they develop we can introduce new programmes and avoid stagnant programmes. Follow up workshops also provide an opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns the team may have, and implement potential solutions. Workshops normally last approximately 3 hours and are scheduled monthly (varies according to your need).

Positive Behaviour Support: Specific skill building or behaviour management

Person-centered Positive Behaviour Support consultancy for children whose behaviour is causing barriers to their learning and is difficult for parents to manage.  For those families who would prefer to work on a specific skill or challenging behaviour.
Initial Assessment: A Keys For Learning supervisor will assess your child and design an individualised behaviour intervention plan (BIP) that will address the problem behaviour and teach replacement skills. If it’s a skill deficit that you’d like to focus on (e.g. toilet training, fussy eating etc) then a carefully designed plan will be provided to teach this skill.
Follow up workshops: We will visit you again or skype/email as necessary to ensure your child is meeting their targets.

Other services

RBT / BCaBA / BCBA supervision

Erin Moorad, our BCBA, can offer supervision for those working towards their RBT, BCBA or BCaBA certification. Gemma Gilmour and Jennifer McCann can offer supervision for those working towards their RBT.  For more information about these credentials and the training that is involved with each, please visit this website: www.bacb.com.

Training for nurseries and schools

We offer the following workshops for schools and nurseries. Please contact us for more information regarding cost and scheduling.

Social skills club (Edinburgh & Glasgow)

We run weekly 1 hour sessions for small groups of children to teach appropriate social skills. The sessions are highly structured to create lots of opportunities to practice social skills, however we also play games, read stories, have snack and typically finish off with a movement game. Specific targets are worked on every week such as;

  • Parallel play
  • Cooperative play
  • Turn taking
  • Requesting to peers
  • Responding to peers requests
  • Giving directions to peers
  • Responding to peers directions

Sessions cost £15 each and are pre-paid for the school term.  You do not need to be a Keys For Learning client to access the sessions.

If you are interested please email: enquiries@keysforlearning.co.uk