Other services

BCaBA / BCBA supervision

Erin Moorad, our BCBA, can offer supervision for those working towards their BCBA or BCaBA certification.

Training for nurseries and schools

We offer the following workshops for schools and nurseries. Please contact us for more information regarding cost and scheduling.

Workshop 1: ABA for behaviour reduction and skill acquisition

Description: This introductory workshop covers the basic principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and describes how to apply ABA strategies to reduce challenging behaviour and teach replacement skills.


  • Understand and appropriately identify the function of challenging behavior
  • Develop and apply interventions
  • Implement basic data collection procedures to evaluate effectiveness of intervention.

Time: 2.5 hours

Workshop 2: Naturalistic Teaching using ABA

Description: This workshop describes Naturalistic Intervention and how it is used to promote social skills and communication in learners with ASD. Skills are taught in context of daily routines and activities, and capitalize on the learners’ interests in order to encourage generalization and retention.


  • Give a basic overview of naturalistic intervention
  • How to arrange the environment
  • How to engage the learner in an interaction and elicit the target behavior

Time: 2.5 hours

Workshop 3: Using Visual Structure to increase access and independence

Description: Using visual structure in the classroom supports individuals with ASD to make sense of their environment and increase independence. Visual structure can facilitate communication and social engagement with peers, and increase functional play.


  • Develop an understanding of what visual supports do for individuals with ASD
  • Increase knowledge regarding best-practice using of visual supports
  • Learn how to make and access readily available resources.

Time: 2.5 hours

Workshop 4: Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention

Description: Peer-initiation strategies can be used to promote social initiations, responses, and interactions between young children with ASD and peers.


  • Define Peer Mediated Instruction
  • How to select appropriate peers and train them
  • How to evaluate the success of your intervention

Time: 2.5 hours

Social skills club

We run weekly 1 hour sessions for a maximum of 4 children (ages 2-6 years) in each group. The sessions are similar to a playgroup type structure whereby we play games, read stories, have snack and typically finish off with a movement game. Specific targets are worked on every week such as;

  • Parallel play
  • Cooperative play
  • Turn taking
  • Requesting to peers
  • Responding to peers requests
  • Giving directions to peers
  • Responding to peers directions

Sessions cost £15 each and are pre-paid for the school term. At the moment the social skills club is held at Carlton Cricket Club (180 Grange Loan, EH9 2EE) on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. You do not need to be a Keys For Learning client to access the sessions. If you are interested please email: gemma.gilmour@keysforlearning.co.uk