Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a diagnosis to access your services?

No.  Our services are applicable to any child who displays delays in language and learning and/or engages in problem behaviour.

What does the therapy look like?

ABA is completely individualised so it is difficult to describe what a ‘typical’ programme will look like. The amount of and type of therapy, as well as level of parent involvement varies, often according to the specific needs of the child and the family circumstances. ABA programmes for young children are mainly based in the home and quite often looks like play, however, an ABA therapist and/or supervisor may also consult with teachers to help support positive behaviours in the classroom or nursery.

How much should I expect to pay therapists?

This depends on the therapists’ experience and qualifications. Rates can range from £8 to £20 per hour and might also vary depending on how far they will need to travel.

Where can I find therapists?

This can be difficult, especially finding therapists who are experienced and available. We have lists of therapists who live in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh. We don’t employ therapists but we are happy to pass on our lists and you can contact each individual to find out their availability, experience and rates etc. Many families advertise through local universities but you might also want to look at the following websites:

If I have to find a new therapist with no previous experience what sort of person should I hire?

We suggest that you hire someone who has a bright bubbly personality who can get on well with and play with your child. They must be enthusiastic and keen to learn as there will be a lot of learning to be done! We can provide you with a template that you can use for an advertisement and a list of questions that you can use during an interview.

How long will the programme take?

This completely depends on your child, their skill level and their age, and the number of hours of therapy they receive. We always suggest fully committing to your programme for at least 3-6 months and usually by that time we have a reasonable indicator of how quickly your child learns new targets.

Isn’t daily sessions too much for my 2 year old?

ABA programmes in Scotland are unfortunately not yet funded by the Government and therefore many of our families can only afford a certain number of therapy hours per week (on average between 5-15).  There is a misconception that ABA programmes MUST be between 30-40 hours of therapy per week and consists of drilling children at the table.  This is far from an accurate description.  Our programmes are tailored to your child’s needs as well as your family’s circumstances.  Therapy sessions will consist of lots of playing and having fun!

Where does the therapy take place?

Therapy usually takes place in your home, where your child is most comfortable. For some children who already attend nursery or school it might be more suitable for therapists to shadow your child and work with them in their social environment, should they need the additional support.

How can I access funding for my home program?

Unfortunately this is one of the biggest problems for families who run ABA programs across the UK, and especially in Scotland. As far as we are aware, there is no Government funding for home programmes in Scotland, however, charities such as Cauldwell have been known to partially fund some programs. It’s worth having a look at the following links:

How do I know that ABA will help my child?

If your child is having difficulty learning, having problems attending to tasks, having difficulty communicating or experiencing problem behaviours (e.g. tantrums, aggression etc) that get in the way of functioning then an ABA-based approach to behaviour intervention may be useful.  If you’re not quite convinced we can put you in contact with some of the parents who we have worked with and they can share their story with you.

How often will a Keys For Learning supervisor visit?

We will provide you with as much support as you need, usually weekly/fortnightly visits in the first couple of months until you and your team feel comfortable in implementing your child’s programme. From then on we normally visit every month for approximately 2-3 hours. We wouldn’t recommend anything less than monthly supervision as it’s important that as your child progresses their programme is continuously updated. Additionally, procedural integrity is paramount for the success of ABA programmes.

Why don’t you have any testimonials on your website?

It is a new requirement from the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board that we do not publish testimonials:

“Behavior analysts do not solicit or use testimonials about behavior-analytic services from current clients for publication on their webpages or in any other electronic or print material. Testimonials from former clients must identify whether they were solicited or unsolicited, include an accurate statement of the relationship between the behavior analyst and the author of the testimonial, and comply with all applicable laws about claims made in the testimonial. Behavior analysts may advertise by describing the kinds and types of evidence-based services they provide, the qualifications of their staff, and objective outcome data they have accrued or published, in accordance with applicable laws”

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us. There are also some more frequently asked questions related to running home ABA programmes at the following website: