Help for Autism in Scotland

At Keys for Learning we specialise in helping autistic children (as well as those who have similar behavioural and communication difficulties) reach their potential. Covering Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland, our goal is to unlock your child’s potential by designing and helping you deliver individually tailored programmes that target your child’s greatest needs.

Our programmes are based on principles and procedures derived from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA); scientifically the most effective approach for addressing a wide range of behavioural issues and specifically autism symptoms.

Our programmes can be used to:

  • Teach new skills (e.g. communication, play, self-help etc)
  • Increase behaviours you would like to see more of (e.g. sharing, being more cooperative, playing with peers etc)
  • Reduce behaviours you would like to see less of (e.g. self-injury, tantrums etc)

Through continuous monitoring and regular assessments we can ensure that as your child progresses, their ABA programmes are adapted and developed according to their needs.

Our Services

Help for autism in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland


1:1 in home/nursery/school sessions targeting communication skills, play skills and self help skills

Social Skills Club

Glasgow and Edinburgh based social skills groups for children targeting play skills and social skills